Alter Kay Biography

Kwazi Titi also known as Alter Kay is a young rapper,singer and record producer from a small town called Butterworth, in South Africa. He was born on October 03,2001,in Queenstown,South Africa. His mother is a choral quire conductor and a teacher. His father deals with art and dance and he’s also a teacher.

Before Kwazi began rapping, he used to be a dancer and an athlete. According to his parents,his love for Hip Hop began when he heard “In Da Club” by 50 Cent,when he was about 4 years old. He started rapping when he was 14 years old and recorded his first track when he was 15 years old,under the pseudonym King Kay.

After few months,he changed his stage name to Alter Kay. His parents didn’t really know that he was a rapper,until they saw his performance videos on social media. His parents didn’t really like the idea of him being a rapper because his marks dropped when he was doing grade 11 and he was only focusing on music. At the age of 16,he was known as one of the best rappers and performers in his hometown and his lyricism was praised by everyone who listened to his music or his freestyles on radio stations. His song titled “W.I.D” got over 2000 Downloads.

His other two singles titled “Wide awake” and “Premonition” got over 1000 Downloads. “Wide Awake” received radio airplay on Mixxwire,a radio station associated in USA.

Altogether,his mixtape titled “Self Conscious” got 4000 Downloads. His fifth single titled “Offload” got over 1000 streams in 5 days and peaked at number 35 on Soundcloud New & hot: Hip hop & Rap world wide. It also peaked at number 36 on Soundcloud New & hot:All genres world wide. It also received radio airplay in many radio stations,including Greenhitz FM,a radio station associated in USA. In 2019,he was nominated on Mbashe Youth Music Awards in two categories(Song of the year and Artist Of The Year). He was also nominated on SADMA Awards in two categories (Best Upcoming Artist and Best Hip Hop Artist). His single titled “So Much Love ” also reached over 1000 streams in 5 days and peaked at number 9 on Soundcloud New & hot: Hip hop & Rap. It also peaked at number 13 on Soundcloud New & Hot:All genres,spending 7 days on the charts. He describes his music as ” the mix of the old and new school Hip hop,with many different genres such as Bounce and R&B music”. Alter Kay lists Kanye West,Eminem,Drake,Chris Brown,Kendrick Lamar,Nas,Jay-Z and J. Cole as his top influences.

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