‘I REGRET LEAVING REAL MADRID’ – See what Cristano Ronaldo told his inner circle


‘I REGRET LEAVING REAL MADRID’ – See what Cristano Ronaldo told his inner circle

The Juventus forward and the Portuguese captain finally speaks out. Cristiano Ronaldo moves from Real Madrid to Juventus abruptly in 2018 when things were not going on well with him and the president, Florentino Perez. Several rancor has been happening years before then, from failed promise from the President to not being respect as he should be.

Cristano gave Real Madrid 4 UCL trophy during his time with the Los Blancos. Delivered the league title and the Copa and many more. During his stay in Madrid as a player, he scored over 450 goals averaging more than a goal per match. Everything seems too easy for the GOAT as regarded by many until suddenly, he asked to leave.
Perez being known for his ego, didn’t reject rather he approved the move. Report says Zidane and Perez has a fight over this transfer hence why Zidane left before Ronaldo. The agreement was to sell Bale and keep Ronaldo but, Perez would not sell any player he bought himself as a Galatico. Perez agreed to sell Ronaldo and keep Bale.

Ronaldo arrived at Juventus (Turin) after a wonderful season with Madrid where he set and broke almost every record in football. The whole world was expecting his to win the Balon d’or to crown it all but, it was snatched from him and was given to MODRIC, a player who only won the UCL courtesy or Ronaldo and lost to Mbappe in World Cup Final.

It was a huge blow on Cristano’s face. A lot of people were asking, “had it been he was still in Real Madrid, will Modric have won”? This question is still being asked till date. Ronaldo was obviously robbed. Perez Influence?
2019, Messi performed a little bit decent than Ronaldo but the performance was not has good as 2018 Cristano’s. Messi won the FIFA Best and Balon d’or. See stats below.
The question continues, ‘had it been Ronaldo still plays for Madrid, will this have happened”? The answer is NO. Robbed for the second time. To this end, Cristiano was forced to admit that leaving Madrid was a mistake, he accepts that he would have been the 2018 Balon d’or winner if he was still playing for Madrid.
According to ABC: Cristiano admitted to his inner circle it was a mistake to leave Madrid. His relatives also agree he’d have won the last 2 Ballon d’Or awards had he stayed. His regret today is the warning he heard when he left “No club in the world has the significance of Real Madrid”.
Awards aside, the Juventus pattern of play does not suit him. They lack technical abilities which was very abundant in Madrid.

The players hardly link up, slow down counter and hold on to the ball too much. These really affects his goal scoring ability as he has gone down drastically in goals. I believe it is a hard time for the GOAT and he will surely bounce back and reclaim this award like Anthony Joshua did to Ruiz.

Do you really think Ronaldo needs Madrid? Or Madrid needs Ronaldo?

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