June muzz goals album review

words from June Muzz during his chat with 90djbase

Goals is my first official album (EP) with a total of 9 tracks one feature It has never been easy in the music word I felt the need to make an album to my opinion I wanted my voice out”
It as titled goals because we believe it is not to make it from Makurdi or as a TIV representative
But I have my goals and I stop at nothing to get them
Why 9 tracks….I was born on the 9th of June so I wanted a little reference that’s all
The album carries various genre’s in it includes rap, reggae r and b, Afro pop
There should one song in it that interest you that’s my goal
I wanted to ride solo on the album but had a little change of mind sometimes people slow you down but left for me alone I never slow me down because I know what I want and I go for it
I appreciate God for good life and health, my friends for strength, my gang (shush gang) always in the studio together making music together I appreciate every single person who in one way or the other helped out Not to forget Cirus my producer that nigga been with me all together
The unique thing about my album is that the moment you grab a copy or look at the track-list you’ll find it hard to predict and that’s what am none for I do any genre anytime Thank you


having been watching this phenomenon artist for some time now he has great potentials to take his music to the next level. One amazing fact about June Muzz is that he is multi talented he is good at Afro beats hip-hop and r and b not forgetting my personal favorite song by June Muzz “come hop” guys you should watch out for this dude he has what it takes to be great this is where we rap up our review on super boy June Muzz

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