Lady who traveled from Ibadan to Lagos for s*x in exchange for an iPhone narrates her story

Lady who traveled from Ibadan to Lagos for s*x in exchange for an iPhone narrates her story

There are lots of iPhone freaks in Nigeria and some girls can do anything and go to any length just to own an IPhone. some ladies are overly excited about everything “Apple”. they owns not just the previous versions of the iPhone, but also owns an iPad, and iPod and Apple TV. they follows the company on social media and goes out of his way to challenge anyone who says anything remotely negative about Apple products. He may not be the richest person in the in the hood but they make sure they roll with apple products and can even take a loan just to buy the newest iPhone.

Lots of Nigeria girls has fallen into the hands of ritualist, yahoo plus boys all in the name of owning an IPhone. some has been killed while others lost their virtues all in the bid to use an iphone. Relationship blogger, Joro Olumofin has shared the story of a lady who was given a faulty iPhone 7 after 3 days of marathon s*x with a man based in Lagos State. According to her account, she was poorly fed while the energetic man heavily pounded her till her body became sour.

She is presently reigning curses on the man who has refused to speak with her on her way back to Ibadan.

Read her story below:

It would be recalled that one Abena Woodey recently reportedly died after battling with some illness, which is yet to be disclosed. The news of her death went viral on social media with many people who knew her both in real life and virtually, sending in words of condolence to the bereaved family. Although the actual cause of death is currently not known, there have been theories on some social media suggesting possible causes of her death.

Well, a social media user who claims to have been very close to the late Abena Woodey has deepened the later rumour in a Facebook live video with his claim that Woodey was trapped with an iPhone 7+ by one yahoo boy. According to the young man, though he did all he could to get her away from the said ‘yahoo’ guy, Woodey was so into the material things he was providing for her.

He even claimed to have bought a customized neckless for Woodey in attempt to dissuade her from following the ‘sakawa’ boy but she did not listen to anything he said to her In a video which went viral after Woodey’s death, she was seen sitting in a Mercedes Benz with a guy while she had an iPhone on her laps. It is this same iPhone, Woodey’s friend claimed, was used in trapping her to her death.


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