Moesha jumps to the defence of the man allegedly spreading HIV/AIDS to Ghanaian ladies

Moesha jumps to the defence of the man allegedly spreading HIV/AIDS to Ghanaian ladies

Moesha Bodoung has
come to the defence of a man who is alleged to be distributing HIV/AIDS to slay
queens in Ghana.
Yesterday, there
were reports on some social media platforms indicating that this particular man
in question sleeps with young ladies and gives them money.
The reports indicated that the man is a carrier of HIV/AIDS and has been spreading it by having unprotected sex with women who he gives huge sums of money to after the sexual act.
In the report,
Moesha was mentioned to have taken hundred thousand cedis from the man the
first day she met him.

Reacting to the reports, Moesha expressed shock at why people will want to destroy the man because of his success he has chalked in his life.

She said “It’s only in Ghana that people will try tarnish the image of one man who is more successful than their entire generation .. Rumors around about my former Boss of Madhaus Mr AIK LIVINGSTONE ABANI ain’t thru cuz I kno for a fact and this is not the first time they are trying to jeopardize this man’s reputation.

I say again and again that bloggers must put a stop to this indisciplined act of just making news and hype on somebody’s life.

Anybody that falls for this baseless story is just too myopic to understand that life itself moves in might be you one day .. Let’s say no to childish write ups …The rest of Africa and the world will always laugh when they read stories like this popping up from Ghana .

You get paid to spoil somebody’s name ryt ..
Pray same people won’t pay other people to do you same and even worse !! Sorry Daddy !!!! But that’s Ghana for you ..” Offei-Akoto/2018 is powered by Britonnia Media limited which seeks to give readers balanced and credible news from across Ghana and the world. A credible and strong brand of well-established news portal that seeks to establish a close relationship with its readers and advertisers

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