One On One With Tha Blogger Elite (with Fleetman)

One On One With Tha Blogger Elite (with Fleetman)

Blogger Elite: Hello Fleetman welcome to 90djbase one on one I would be asking you questions about your music career so far and also a bit about your personal life

 Fleetman: Thank you very much

Blogger Elite: Many know you by the name Fleetman and would like to know your real name can you tell us that?

 Fleetman: My Mame is Ngorngor Terhemba Thomas

Blogger Elite: So how did the name FLEETMAN come into existence

 Fleetman: FLEETMAN came from the word Fleet. You have Fleet of Cars, Fleet of Army… Because I am a full package ( all round entertainment) I consider myself a Fleet of knowledge, fleet of ideas, fleet of positivity with fleet of opportunities. Therefore, I am the Fleet of all Fleets “Fleetman”

Blogger Elite: Wow now your fans are gonna love your name more

Blogger Elite: What’s was the motive the inspiration that got you into music?

Fleetman: I see music as a strategic weapon to cause positive change. I was inspired by Nature, My mum and my experiences as a child.

 Blogger Elite: What type of music are you into?

Fleetman: I started as a rapper but now I am into different genres such as Reggae, Dancehall, Hip hop, RnB/Soul etc. The genre of music is dependent on the kind of music I have to make at the moment.
Currently, I am working on a variety album.

Blogger Elite: Wow great! (excited)

Blogger Elite: Tell us about some songs you have dropped

Fleetman: I have dropped a couple of singles like
Be The One ft Attraction
Sekpe ft Emmytee, EMS & SMK
Untie My Blow
Hoodie Ya Ft Attraction
Symbol of love ft Attraction
And a joint album “Ghetto Life Album” ft Attraction, Emmytee and SMK

Blogger Elite: Wow you have got an album to your name that’s great

Blogger Elite: I will be asking general question for fun now

Fleetman: Yeah

Fleetman: Alright

Blogger Elite: Apple or Samsung?

Fleetman: Apple

Blogger Elite: Wizkid or davido?

Fleetman: This is very hard…I prefer both 🤔

Blogger Elite: Lol make a choice

Fleetman: Wizkid

Blogger Elite: Would you go on a date with Camilla cabello or Selena Gomez?

Fleetman: Camilla Cabello

Blogger Elite: Tea or coffee?

Fleetman: Tea

Blogger Elite: MI or Vector?

Fleetman: MI

Blogger Elite: Yemi Alade or Tiwa Savage

Fleetman: Tisa Savage

Blogger Elite: Ronaldo or Messi?

Fleetman: This is more like Wizkid and Davido 🤔

Fleetman: Ronaldo

Blogger Elite: Nike or Adidas

 Fleetman: Adidas

Blogger Elite: Instagram or Twitter

Fleetman: Twitter

Blogger Elite: 90djbase or other blogs

Fleetman: 90djbase ❤

Blogger Elite: Thanks for your time The awesome Fleetman

Blogger Elite: For your time

Fleetman: You are welcome

Fleetman: God bless you

 Blogger Elite: Lastly what would you say to fans and would you like them to visit

Fleetman: Whatever they do, they should do it well, knowing that God is alive. And they should keep visiting

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