People Are Attacking Kim Kardashian On Instagram For Letting North West Wear A Crop Top

People Are Attacking Kim Kardashian On Instagram For Letting North West Wear A Crop Top

North West was featured on the cover of WWD Magazine.

Usually we can’t go a day without hearing from the Kardashian-Jenners, but lately, with all this Jordyn Woods and Tristan Thompson drama, they’ve all we’ve been hearing about. Of course, life goes on outside of all of that! The sisters are very dedicated to their work, and they won’t let a little scandal stop them (or their kids) from making money. Now, people are attacking Kim Kardashian on Instagram for letting North West wear a crop top .

At the tender age of five, North West has more going for her than I do at 20. To be fair, I wasn’t born a daughter to one of reality TV’s most famous women and a Grammy-award winning rapper, so we’ll let that slide. If you’re a loyal follower of Kim Kardashian you’ll know by now that she frequently posts about North’s passion for makeup and fashion; the two regularly dress up, practice makeup, and have photoshoots together.

It would seem little Northie is growing up quickly! She just made it onto her first cover for WWD Magazine. After checking out the photos, I have to say – I think North looks awesome. The shoot is full of bright, fun colours, adorable outfits, and North looks genuinely happy to be there. Obviously, people are always going to find something to complain about though:

I’m sorry, but if you see a problem with the belly button of a five-year-old, I think that you’re the one who needs to shamed. North West is a literal child and there’s no need for people to make her into some sort of sex symbol like Kim has become. Let her enjoy her childhood, and let Kim and Kanye parent their children the way they see fit.

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