See how tacha reacts to angela okorie for calling her ungreatful


See how Tacha reacts to Angela Okorie for calling her ungrateful

It­ turns out popular Nollywood diva, Angela Okorie has become Tacha’s latest prey after she had called the Big Brother Naija Pepper Dem Ex-housemate ‘ungrateful’ earlier this week.
According to Angela, Tacha has not shown gratitude to her in anyway, even after all that she (Angela) had done in order to help Tacha canvas for votes while she was still in the Big Brother house.
However, Angela is currently receiving hits on social media for calling out the reality show celebrity and lambasting Tacha for not showing gratitude, despite the fact that she had gone out of her way to support and campaign for her.
Angela had also mentioned that Tacha has been snubbing her, in the sense that she has been trying to reach Natasha but the venture has been to no avail.
Although Tacha herself has released to word on the issue, her loyal fans who call themselves “Titans” have taken to all social mediums to blast the actress; calling her ‘big for nothing’ and an attention seeker.
We all await Tacha’s response. What will she make of this actress issue

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